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We help you file your SEC documents, faster, cheaper, and guaranteed error free.

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We Are Suitcase.

We are a students consisting of future lawyers and computer science engineers, that provides various services to law firms and public companies. We provide a set of Checklists or help you make a custom one in no time. You can also draft and file Form 10K quickly through our easy web application.

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What We Do

We provide tools that help reduce errors and increase productivity


Get built in checklists. Or create a custom checklist based on your needs through our easy to use and intuite web application.

Form 10K

Tired of Filing your company's annual Form 10K to the SEC? Want to simply edit the previous submission by replacing key content? We got you covered.

The Roadmap

Future Tools and Services

Calendar Intergration

Automatically integreate deadlines extracted from documents into connected calendars. Provide timely notifications as deadlines approach.

Document Management

Seamless document management system that you can store, search and retrieve important documents securely and remotely.

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